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It sounds as though your relationship has been filled with disrespectful actions

It’s been a year now with maybe sex once

directly after she sense that this time it’s real, and that i won’t change my mind any more she starts again crying and promising for changing and telling me she loves me and that we went thru a lot in our relationship to quit now.

please i need advice on what to do, I’m confused again, i love her and she say she loves me but i don’t trust her action, and I’m extremely unhappy and lost

You have made a decision to end the relationship. Take this time to determine what you want for the future of this relationship. Speak directly and honestly with her about your thoughts and feelings. Give her an opportunity to share herself with you as well. Have meetme mobile site a great day, Marcel!

It could be a bad sign. It is clear that the two of you need to have a discussion. Take this time to determine what you want for the future of this relationship. Speak directly and honestly with her about your thoughts and feelings. Allow her to share herself with you as well. Have a great day, Chris!

I don’t wont to feel guilty losing or leaving my love of my life by not waiting for her to get better though

Most of these signs are the same with my wife but she has anxiety about commitments and I see she is suffering with no self esteem lately either. She thinks she’s ugly and old now even though I tell her she’s not. She’s so worried about what people think of her now she’s letting go of real life (and me). We are both 40, been married 7 years and she won’t have children with me as she’s scared it’s like an end to her childhood.

The other 74% of students who graduated with student loans had an average debt of $30,650

College affordability includes five components: (1) tuition, (2) time to graduate, (3) state funding, (4) financial aid, and (5) operating efficiencies. State funding has been cut significantly over the past six years and is at an all-time low and financial aid has been frozen, despite the efficiencies the UW System has achieved. The UW System 2020FWD plan helps students graduate more quickly so they spend less on tuition, while also helping high school students come into the university system with more college credits under their belt. The Board of Regents has also approved a request for an increase in financial aid that goes directly to students.

State and federal financial aid continues to decline. When you freeze tuition, freeze financial aid, and cut state funding, you chip away at the money used to help ensure we can offer the classes our students need. When you cut classes, it takes longer to graduate. While freezing tuition may save a couple hundred dollars a year, students and families may end up paying more in the long run, said President Cross.


personal loans like oportun

State funding for the Wisconsin Grant Program has remained flat at $58.3 million since the 2010-11 academic year. In turn, the average grant award amount has fallen from $2,161 to $1,773 to address the increase in the number of students who need financial aid.

In , the Board of Regents recommended increasing state funding for financial aid by $19,152,300 for the 2017-19 biennium. The Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board (HEAB) would provide this funding directly to students.

Student Loans

In the 2014-15 academic year, 26% of students who graduated the UW System with a bachelor’s degree graduated with no debt.