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6401 Eldorado Pkwy, Suite 119, McKinney, TX 75070


Three Vital Things to Know About SEO in 2016


Three Vital Things to Know About SEO in 2016

If you search “SEO” on the Internet, you’ll be barraged with articles claiming to have found the “Holy Grail” of SEO- techniques that the authors say will guarantee your website a #1 ranking on Google. In reality, SEO is far less simple than that; SEO is a long-term process involving dozens of on-page and off-page factors, and can take months to yield results.

However, some of these factors are vastly more important than others. If you want to try to use SEO to improve your company’s ranking on Google, here are the top 3 SEO tactics you need to know in 2016:

  1. Write for Users, Not Search Engines. There is a common misconception that if you just include your target keyword enough times in your website, it will then appear higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for the keywords you desire. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Google has been showing beyond a doubt that it does not tolerate “keyword stuffing.” These days, even attempting such a practice can lead to your website actually being lowered on results pages.

The solution: when writing content for your website, think about the people reading it… What is their       pain point? What problem are they trying to solve? Once you come from that perspective, rather than just seeing how many times you can find a change to mention a certain keyword, you will start seeing real results. Google wants to provide quality content that solves people’s problems and answers their questions. If you come from the perspective of attempting to write content that does that, you will already be ahead of the game.

2. Increase the Time Users Spend on Your Site. Google’s algorithms now place a heavy emphasis on how much time users spend on websites. This is because, if a user spends five minutes browsing a website, Google assumes that the content is high quality and that the user is enjoying it or finding it useful. On, the other hand, if a user leaves a site 7 seconds after entering it… it’s probably not what the user was looking for. Obviously, the best way to keep users on your website is to write great content; but an often-overlooked factor in how long people stay on websites is usability. I’m sure you have been to at least a few websites that were so cluttered and difficult to navigate that you soon gave up and opted to exit the site. The bottom line is: the more simple and easy-to-use your website is, the longer people will stay on it. And this in turn, will help boost your rankings.

The more simple and easy-to-use your website is, the longer people will stay on it.
3. Optimize for Mobile. It is estimated that 60% of Internet traffic is now from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. That number will likely only continue to rise, due to people’s busy lifestyles and constant quest for information on the go. If you’ve ever used your smartphone to try and view a site that wasn’t mobile-optimized, you understand the frustration: not all of the text fits onto the screen, and you find yourself constantly pinching and shifting the screen, struggling to make all of the text visible. It’s definitely not a good web-surfing experience. That’s why Google’s algorithms now place a strong emphasis on ranking mobile-optimized sites higher than non-optimized ones.

Optimizing for mobile can be a tricky, tedious task. But the rewards are well worth it: you will reach a segment of your audience you were missing out on previously, and Google will be more likely to rank your site higher.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully now you have a better understanding of 3 of the most vital things to know about SEO in 2016. Stay tuned for our next blog post. Or, if you want some in-depth advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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